Vehicle Gasoline Log

Gas Log

This database is designed to keep track of vehicles that a company owns. It is designed to track gasoline used and maintenance on those vehicles.

Printable Gas Log

Use this form as a printable gas log for your vehicle.

Gas Log Database

The vehicle list is the list of vehicles along with information about their tank size, efficiency, and contains an optional note that can be associated with the vehicle.

The service provider list keeps track of all the maintenance facilities that work on the vehicles owned by the company. This also holds information about the location of the facility and has an optional note as well.

There are other databases that contain information about the gasoline used by the vehicles and the maintenance performed on the vehicles. These store information such as the dates and other pertaining information.

For the vehicle service log, the query is linked to the vehicle list to pull the name of the vehicle that was serviced on. The table displays the name of the vehicle, with the vehicle key in brackets. When the user hovers over a vehicle name, the note for that vehicle is displayed as a tool tip.

The service log also links to the service provider list to pull the name of the maintenance facility and location. When the facility name is hovered over, the note about that maintenance facility is displayed as a tool tip. When the user clicks on the location of the facility in the service table, a map of where that facility is located opens in a new window.

The user can filter for different maintenance types on this table by clicking on any maintenance type. The totals for these maintenance types is listed as a table below the maintenance log. The user can also delete a maintenance entry by clicking on the red x for the appropriate record.

If the user clicks the heading for the date, vehicle name, service name, or service location, then the table will be sorted in ascending order by that column.

A user can enter a gasoline log in by inserting it through the Insert New Gas Log form. A user can also edit a current gas entry by clicking on the key field for the record that needs to be edited. If a record needs to be deleted, then the red x in the form according to that record will delete it.

If the user wants to evaluate the gas mileage, then he can click on the verify MPG icon that is listed on the vehicles row. This efficiency manager imports the size of the gas tank according to that vehicle, it's expected efficiency, and it's expected miles per tank. After the user inputs the necessary information, the efficiency, cost per month, and miles per tank are calculated.

Beneath the table showing the gas log, is the total amount of money spent on gas and the average cost to fill the vehicles listed on the gas log table. If the user wants to filter for a specific vehicle, then the user can click on the vehicle's name. The aggregate functions showing average and total gas cost will be updated as well.